A Unique Arts Destination

Stratford is a getaway for millions of visitors from across the globe. Walk the streets of our beautiful city and discover the colours, flavours, and sounds that make Stratford such a unique arts destination for theatre, music, dance, culinary arts and more!

Stratford Festival Theatre

North America’s finest repertory company – The Stratford Festival – offers visitors up to eight productions a day on its four stages, appealing to all styles and tastes, from Shakespeare to contemporary plays. The theatre season stretches from late April until early November.

Beyond plays, the Festival offers many opportunities through a series of interactive events, programmes, tours, and talks, many of which are free. We highly recommend the talks at The Forum.

Stratford Chefs School

Since 1983, the Stratford Chefs School has set the standard of excellence for culinary training in Canada. Their alumni are among the celebrity chefs who now contribute to Canada’s distinctive Canadian cuisine.

Between October and March each year, the School offers their popular Dinner Series where students rotate through kitchen positions to produce new menus under the guidance of the School’s faculty of esteemed local chefs and guest chefs from across Canada and around the world. During the spring and summer they offer cooking classes and learning experiences for the home cook. No matter your skill, there is something for everyone!

Stratford Perth Museum

The Stratford Perth Museum celebrates the rich and diverse communities of Perth County through their permanent collection, and annual cycle of new exhibits, events, and programs. The Museum honours the past by drawing from more than 20,000 artifacts, from Mennonite barn raisings to the rail shop in Stratford. Their innovative programming is a vital part of our present lives, and embraces the future as well!

Stratford Tourism

The hub of events, dining and accommodation packages is Stratford Tourism. They have two offices in downtown and lakeside locations, and offer information via their website and telephone services as well.

There are many events to choose from!

The thing about this festival is, writers want to come here because it’s a beautiful part of the country and audiences are great. I think it’s an excellent chance to come see your favourite author.

Michael Winter, Award-Winning Author

There’s just so much variety and experience at the Stratford Writers Festival that there’s something for everyone. It’s just delightful.

Mary Sanderson, Stratford Writers Festival Attendee

The Stratford Writer’s Festival is an amazing event, since the literary community in Stratford is both large and diverse. Having authors visit and share their books and writing experience benefits Stratford’s writing community, and all the dedicated readers here as well. It’s a great opportunity to hear from authors who otherwise wouldn’t be visiting our region, and to enjoy literature alongside other art forms like music and fine cuisine.

Melanie Kindrachuk, Stratford Public Library

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