A Literary Hub in Canada

Home to the Bard, Stratford definitely has a long history of literary influence! Our city has a vibrant arts community where literature plays an important part along with theatre, music, dance and the culinary arts.

Stratford Writers Festival

Featuring actor readings, musical literary performances, interactive workshops, and inspiring talks, the Stratford Writers Festival is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic writers festivals in Canada.

Under the Stratford Writers Festival, we feature Appetite for Words and a number of other literary events.



In a city of 30,000 we have six bookstores! How’s that for a crowd that craves all things literary!

See our dedicated Stratford Bookstores page for a listing of all of our bookstores.


Free Little Libraries

You’ll find free Little Libraries all over the city, both outdoors and indoors! There are more than 50 free little libraries in the city, with 50 decorated by Stratford artists for a Gallery Stratford fundraiser.

View our dedicated page to see some of our favourites and join the Stratford Free Little Library registry!


Stratford Public Library

The library is a vibrant community hub for book lovers and a favourite destination for innovative and interactive programs.

Visit the Stratford Public Library for more details on their programming and services.


There are many events to choose from!

The thing about this festival is, writers want to come here because it’s a beautiful part of the country and audiences are great. I think it’s an excellent chance to come see your favourite author.

Michael Winter, Award-Winning Author

There’s just so much variety and experience at the Stratford Writers Festival that there’s something for everyone. It’s just delightful.

Mary Sanderson, Stratford Writers Festival Attendee

The Stratford Writer’s Festival is an amazing event, since the literary community in Stratford is both large and diverse. Having authors visit and share their books and writing experience benefits Stratford’s writing community, and all the dedicated readers here as well. It’s a great opportunity to hear from authors who otherwise wouldn’t be visiting our region, and to enjoy literature alongside other art forms like music and fine cuisine.

Melanie Kindrachuk, Stratford Public Library

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