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We’re partnering with Stratford Summer Music’s Museum of the Moon event so join us on Tom Patterson Island under the light of the Museum of the Moon for an evening of poetry read by moonlight. Poet Rosemary Clewes will read poems suffused with the moon’s light and the slow ebb of its celestial brightness from her book The Woman Who Went to The Moon. Clewes will also speak about the Inuit moon, the central theme of returning light, and her experiences of the north.

Following the reading, write your own poem or message to the moon, and leave your written piece on our Moon Messages lunar fence on Tom Patterson Island.

PLEASE NOTE: Stratford Summer Music has POSTPONED the Opening of Museum of the Moon until Saturday, August 18th due to thunderstorms, rain and high winds. “with staff and public safety uppermost, and facing the reality of the conditions of the balloon itself, we have a revised plan to mount the balloon on Saturday in the morning, and illuminate it, with music, on Saturday night, ALL programming on Saturday, August 18th remains the same.” Artistic Producer, John A. Miller.

About the book

The Woman Who Went to The Moon captures, in poetry, six days spent in the tiny community of Igloolik in the Arctic winter of January 2006, the year of the Circumpolar Moon, where a six-day full moon ebbs as the sun makes its first appearance over the horizon after three months of darkness. Ice-locked to the Melville Peninsula, Igloolik lies west of Baffin Island. The poems weave together women’s igloo art, a community’s grief for teenage suicides, the immensity of landscape, and the tension between the Elders’ intuition and the outsiders’ science. Shifting between mythic tale-telling and the vibrancy of town life, these poems speak to those for whom body, soul, and naming are not divisible. Clewes sets up a dialogue between the North and the South, where she is the outsider, posing questions which give context to the growing voice of the Indigenous people at this time in our history.

About the artist

Rosemary Clewes is a poet, nonfiction writer, photographer, and artist. Her extensive northern travels form a body of work in both poetry and prose, including Once Houses Could Fly: Kayaking North of 79 Degrees (2012), and Thule Explorer: Kayaking North of 77 Degrees (2008). Living on the cusp of her personal frontiers is a recurring theme, and in prose and poetry she conducts a conversation with the land, seeking to understand her place in the larger order, and in the power and fragility of nature. She has rafted and kayaked some of the great rivers and fjords in western Canada and the Eastern Arctic.