WORDSONG : Three Poets set to Music

As Leonard Cohen reminds us, the line between the song and the word, is a thin one and most beautiful.  Join three celebrated and award-winning poets, George Elliott Clarke, Heidi Sander and David Stones in this unique celebration of their poetry, both spoken and transformed into song through a unique cast of illustrious musical performers.

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Infinite Sequels: Bringing Poetry to Life

How does one bring poetry to life? Find out this October at the glorious Revival House in Stratford where poet David Stones will be performing Infinite Sequels, a one-man-show named after his poetry book of the same title. With the accompaniment of live violin and a rich musical soundtrack, David as The Poet will lead you through a life of love, ecstasy, longing, joy, sorrow and forgiveness……that is, the life of every person in the audience. The performance, lauded as a “brilliant and beautiful piece of theatre” by London Free Press, will be followed by a Q&A.

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