WORDSONG : Three Poets set to Music

As Leonard Cohen reminds us, the line between the song and the word, is a thin one and most beautiful.  Join three celebrated and award-winning poets, George Elliott Clarke, Heidi Sander and David Stones in this unique celebration of their poetry, both spoken and transformed into song through a unique cast of illustrious musical performers.

WORDSONG : Three Poets set to Music2022-10-24T13:58:01-04:00

Songwriters Circle with Donovan Woods and Trent Severn

Join some of Canada's most talented songwriters as they perform their songs and share the stories behind them. Featuring performances by Donovan Woods and Trent Severn (Dayna Manning, Emm Gryner, Lindsay Schindler).

Songwriters Circle with Donovan Woods and Trent Severn2018-09-21T11:30:08-04:00

Soldiers and Secrets

In honour of upcoming Remembrance Day, we launch our festival with a co-production with INNERchamber, where music punctuates the words from Tim Cook’s new book, The Secret History of Soldiers. The stories in this book offer a glimpse into the inner lives of Canadian soldiers seeking relief from the horrors of the trenches. Actor Tim Campbell joins the Factory Arts String Quartet in bringing these stories to light, with music by Shostakovich, Elgar, and additional selections from the wartime era.

Soldiers and Secrets2018-07-11T11:49:50-04:00


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