Stephen King film to be set in Stratford

We often read about page to screen adaptations, but this time it’s happening live in Stratford, Ontario, and Perth County! A white, dilapidated, abandoned church has been erected during the last three weeks on a country road between St Marys and Stratford, and filming starts today! Barriers are up, monitored by a security guard, so you can’t get close to the church—but on a rainy day, they’ll be filming in the arena in Stratford, so keep your eyes peeled

On the weekend when they’re not filming, you can get closer, and you’ll realize that the church is only a facade and that the left and rear sections are simply held together with framing. It’s part of a set for an upcoming Stephen King movie.

In the Tall Grass

The movie, In the Tall Grass, directed by Vincenzo Natali, is based on the novella written by author Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill. Netflix signed the rights to the thriller this spring, and the stretch of rural landscape in South Perth was chosen by the production crew because of a unique crop of tall grass that is grown in the area.

We’ll keep an eye on who we see around town, as James Marsden was rumoured to star in the film adaptation, but the cast announcement has not yet been released.

Stratford Writers Festival

While Stephen King won’t be at the Stratford Writers Festival, if you want to talk books, you can click here to get your tickets!

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