WORDSONG : Three Poets set to Music

As Leonard Cohen reminds us, the line between the song and the word, is a thin one and most beautiful.  Join three celebrated and award-winning poets, George Elliott Clarke, Heidi Sander and David Stones in this unique celebration of their poetry, both spoken and transformed into song through a unique cast of illustrious musical performers.

WORDSONG : Three Poets set to Music2022-10-24T13:58:01-04:00

Dayna Manning Morning Light Album & Memoir Release Show

Some of Canada's best songwriters will perform their songs and share stories behind their art at this year's Songwriters Circle. We're headlining the launch of singer-songwriter Dayna Manning's memoir Many Moons! We're also featuring Dayna Manning's solo CD Morning Light which has a unique collaboration with songwriter Ben Bolt-Martin; Ben wrote the chamber music orchestration to all the songs on Morning Light. Enjoy a moving performance and songwriting insights from an exceptional conversation between Dayna and Ben, who will be joined by chamber musicians Andrew Chung, Laura Chambers, and Derek Conrod.

Dayna Manning Morning Light Album & Memoir Release Show2019-09-16T15:37:07-04:00


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