How To Organize A Book Club Part II

More Tips To Organize A Book Club By Melanie Kindrachuk Interested in starting your own book club, or making the one you're in

How To Organize A Book Club Part II2020-02-22T18:26:21-05:00

Short Story Contest Celebration

The results for the Rotary Club Short Story Contest are in. Join a community of writers and author John Goddard who will do us the honour of announcing the winners and distributing cash prizes. This event is FREE and open to all writers.

Short Story Contest Celebration2019-08-03T08:04:22-04:00

Book Proposal and Query Letter Workshop with John Goddard

Getting published starts with a winning query letter and book proposal. This two-hour intensive workshop, run by non-fiction author John Goddard, will cover the essential components of both.

Book Proposal and Query Letter Workshop with John Goddard2019-07-23T17:13:38-04:00

Discover Murdoch Mysteries in a True Crime Story

Dive deep into a murder case solved by the detective who inspired the creation of Murdoch Mysteries with true crime novelist John Goddard, author of The Man with the Black Valise. The Perth County murder of thirteen-year-old Jessie Keith happened exactly 125 years ago this weekend. Goddard brings his novel to life in the style of a true crime podcast, and features photos, a video, and a Q & A session.

Discover Murdoch Mysteries in a True Crime Story2019-09-04T10:57:30-04:00

Creating Memorable Characters Workshop

What makes a character leap off the page and into a reader’s imagination? In this interactive workshop, novelist Becky Blake will discuss methods for creating believable and distinctive characters that really connect with readers.

Creating Memorable Characters Workshop2019-08-27T14:26:03-04:00

Private Author Photo Sessions

Event description Authors, say cheese! Photographer Scott Wishart is bringing his studio to the festival. Grab your chance for a private 15-minute

Private Author Photo Sessions2019-07-23T11:25:34-04:00

FREE Author Photo Workshop

Writers, the face behind your story matters to your readers. Your author photo is an important part of your marketing strategy, especially

FREE Author Photo Workshop2019-07-22T17:16:28-04:00

Extensive Children’s Book Self-Publishing Workshop

What goes into self-publishing a children's book? You need a thorough understanding of illustrations, layouts, design, colours, fonts, and most importantly the distribution channels that work best for your book. All of which you can learn about at our self-publishing workshop offered by Chrissy Hobbs. With several years of experience working in different areas of the self-publishing world, Chrissy is also a successful author of several best-selling children’s books and the owner of Indie Publishing Group.

Extensive Children’s Book Self-Publishing Workshop2019-07-22T17:04:48-04:00


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